Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Short Funky Haircuts

Short Funky Haircuts - Short hair styles are even more jaw dropping when they are combined with pale hair color. If you are ready for a complete overhaul, you should first consider a new hair style and find the best color for them.

funky short haircut and color

Trendy hair colors for short hair 01

platinum blonde short hair
Thank techniques of modern haircuts hair coloring, and you will be able to meet a crazy idea. All you have to do is get ready, all the standards and practices in violation with your brand new do. Here are some short hairstyles and funky hair color ideas that will inspire you for your renovation.

If you choose a cute short bob cut, you can like brown or dark blonde with natural colors to complement the harmony with your picture. To view more daring, you can opt for an intense color red or blond as a fresh fire. The only thing to note is that hair color should be chosen for the color of skin and eye color.

If you choose a sexy pixie short haircuts or super short hair cut, you will find a variety of bright colors to spice up your look will be offered. Often combined with a short-cut blond. In fact, this is the sexiest picture of all time and you will surely remain in the spotlight with a similar Thu. Who has short choppy layers or asymmetrical pixie cut should definitely choose a multi-tone hair color. Dip dyeing, highlighted squat and trim is perfect for short hair layers.

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